gensou ichida
29 - nonbinary (he/she/they/any) - ♋
i'm gen, a fuzzy fantasy artist on the spectrum. i dabble in a lot of things. sometimes i go by the names of halley, yukai, or ren.i wanna make stuff that helps provide warmth in a cold world. let's all be kinder to ourselves and each before following
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please do not repost any of my artbg artwork from okami

i'm generally pretty lax on who follows me, but 2019 left me in a really rough spot, so i feel this page is necessary.- this should generally be common sense, but if you're transphobic, homophobic, aphobic, racist, ableist, pedophilic, zoophilic, or any of that nasty shit, go away. i will block you on sight. you are not welcome here.- above also applies to people who believe "fiction =/= reality". you're not slick. ya'll seem to forget that media and pop culture has influenced how we interact with people of particular cultures/beliefs. don't use that flimsy excuse just because you don't want to feel bad about getting off to harmful shit that actually has tangible effects whether you believe it or not.- anti-recovery people of any sort please stay away. please also seek help, seriously.- i can't draw humans. i can draw furries, monsters, and nonhumans, but i can't draw humans or anything that looks really human. however, i can draw furry versions of human characters. please keep that in mind, especially when commissioning me.- please do not vague me or lie about me. if you have a problem with me, i'd prefer if you spoke upfront to me about it, explain things as simply and succinctly as possible, and do NOT get hostile or yell at me when doing so. i don't like confronting people or making them uncomfortable, but not everything comes to me easily; i am doing my best to be a good person, but i do need to be told when i'm doing something wrong. i don't know everything and everything's a learning experience for me.- ask me before venting intense emotional problems to me, and please do not abuse my kindness. i'm extremely empathetic; i can provide a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear, but too much negativity only drains me in turn. i'm not your therapist or your personal emotional dumping ground, and i cannot fix your problems. i have enough of my own problems to deal with as it is, it is entirely up to you to deal with your own issues.- don't even bother following if you alienate people or talk shit about others over innocuous things like being into video games or characters you're not personally into, non-harmful alternate character interpretations, or non-hostile criticisms about things you like. yes, i know this is bizzarely specific, but i've seen this happen too much. it's draining. you know who you are. you're better than this.- please do not interact if you speak ill of people who haven't hurt you. i don't want to be associated with anyone who says nasty things about others behind my back. i can't be around anyone who's fueled by hate, negativity, and hostility; it's just not mentally healthy for me.- if you claim to promote positivity and kindness and acceptance while talking shit about others behind their backs who haven't hurt you just because of their inoffensive interests, stay the hell away from me. you are a hypocrite and i want nothing to do with you.- do NOT follow me or even interact with me if you follow or associate with any of these people or their projects. i do not feel safe around these people; i've had bad experiences with them, and i'd rather not have any more of that in my life. please DO NOT harass these people; i don't want to fight, i just want some peace of mind. please grant me that.--go away if your name is "ash"
--shadman/shadbase (cheating a little coz i've never interacted with him but honestly you shouldn't be following him anyway. he's a gross man.)
--amber / raspberryamber / lustfulsuccubus
--terraterracotta / pumpkinoftheday
--kitsnue / kagaminow / porkchopicecream
--celestcircus / celestialfaerie / sprinklecircus / faerieceleste (they change their name/acc so many freakin times that it's impossible to keep track of. please be careful when interacting with anyone associated with these names. despite appearances, they are nasty as hell.)
--shadowtender / shadowstarbat (ditto. also, get help. seriously.)
--whitemamba / shoo
--shatehlure / uriel
--mouthbeast / mazu / magnus
--madguymao / madguydraws/ maddestmao / doctormao
--nomnomnami / sardinequeen / nami-tsuki
--heropivi / demonlordpivott / pringerx / pivi
--darkchibishadow / dcsart
- uhhhh i tend to mute a lot of sensitive topics i guess? it just gets me on edge, especially since i can't really do much about it. that's it, really?feel free to DM me an animal emoji just so i know you read this. you don't absolutely have to, but i'd appreciate it!

- art tumblr
- casual tumblr
- hobby tumblr
- deviantart
- furaffinity
- art twitter
- toyhouse
- cohost
- mastodon
- steam
- backloggd
- backloggery
- retroachievements
- neopets
- flight rising
- my Dinosaur Planet video essay part 1 part 2
- the MAKAI SENKI Project (on hiatus)
- old personal site (no longer active)
- ko-fi

- dinosaur planet/starfox adventures
- disgaea/nippon ichi software
- yo-kai watch (mostly the games. shadowside and forever friends are also cool! not big on y academy tho)
- ratchet & clank (mostly classic/ps2-era but the ps3 games are fun!)
- banjo-kazooie (nuts&bolts is good, ya'll are just mean)
- monster hunter
- retrogaming and retrocomputing
- fantasy worldbuilding and roleplaying
- world mythology and folklore
- rare ltd (donkey kong country, viva pinata, etc)
- warcraft 1-3 (i also play world of warcraft! got mixed feelings on it tho lmao)
- jojo's bizarre adventure
- yakuza / ryu ga gotoku
- danganronpa
- the elder scrolls (morrowind and skyrim, mostly)
- spyro the dragon (also skylanders)
- crash bandicoot
- okami
- shin megami tensei (and persona)
- starbound
- tabletop rpgs (D&D and pathfinder, mostly a casual player)
- pokemon
- digimon
- unreal tournament (UT99 and UT2004)
- legend of zelda
- undertale/deltarune
- touhou
- neopets
- dorohedoro
- dragon quest/warrior
- drakenier
- ryukishi07 (higurashi, umineko, etc)
- fate/go (and nasuverse stuff, kinda)
- sayonara zetsubou sensei
- bojack horseman
- ask me i guess??? idk i'm into a lot of things sjhdgfjhsgdf it's impossible for me to list all of them